Enjoy some nourishing fast food that feeds your soul and makes your mouth happy.

Fresh Drinking Coconuts

Fresh DrinkingCoconuts – $6



Bring back the nut and we’ll split it for you to eat the yummy flesh.


Cold pressed coffee shot inside the coconut – $2
Organic Chai shot inside the coconut – $2
Raw Cacao shot inside the coconut – $2


Seasonal Tropical Fruit salad with nice cream served inside a coconut half – $7

Savoury Salad with desicated coconut served insde a coconut half – $7


Organic Sugarcane Juice

small: $5
large: $10

Options: Fresh lime, ginger, mint or cold pressed davidson plum



All smoothies are sugar, dairy and nut free and made with organic &/or chemical free local produce, fresh and frozen fruits, fresh vegetables and pure local spring water.
small:  $5        regular:   $7    large:  $10

Mango Dream
A delicious blend of banana & mango.

Papaya Zing
Fresh red papaya with banana, orange juice & orange zest.

Chocolote pudding fruit blended with banana, orange juice & orange zest.

Tropical Blast
Papaya, Banana & Mango blended with fresh mint.

Dragon’s fire
Dragon fruit blended with mango, sugarcane juice &  ginger.

Fresh watermelon blended with mango.

Jackfruit blended with papaya & banana.

Green Goddess
Kale, orange, pineapple & ginger juice blended with mango.

Pineapple & sugarcane juice blended with lime, mint and ice.

Cold Pressed Juices

small: $5         regular: $7      large: $10

Liquid Sunshine
Orange, Watermelon, tumeric & ginger.

Heat Buster
Watermelon, cucumber, mint and lime.

Green Juice
Orange, pineapple, kale, tumeric & ginger.




Pure Fruit
Orange, watermelon & pineapple.

Fresh Delight
Pineapple, watermelon, ginger & mint.

Pure Fruit
Orange, pineapple, ginger & lime.

Green Juice
Kale, cucumber, celery, spinach, orange & pineapple (tumeric & ginger optional)


Sweet Meals and Snacks

Seasonal Fruit salad
small: $5 regular: $7 large: $10
Add pure fruit nice cream for    $3


Pancakes & Cream     $14
Banana, black sapote & chia seed pancake with fruit salad & pure fruit ice cream


Fruit Boats   $10
Fresh tropical fruit salad with pure fruit nice cream served in a papaya half


Breakfast Smoothie Bowl  $12
Your favourite smoothie served in a bowl with your choice of 3 toppings.


Savoury Meals and Snacks

Burrito Wraps   $12
Handmade tomato, papaya, herb & chia seed wraps with Mexican salsa, mixed greens, sprouts and avocado chunks


Rice Paper Rolls     $10
Zucchini & Carrot noodles, mung beans, lettuce, snow pea sprouts, cucumber, capsicum, coriander, mint and garlic chives all wrapped up in rice paper roll and served with macadamia satay or sweet & sour sauce.


Roast Sweet Potato Salad   $12
Roast purple sweet potato with tomato, capsicum, coriander, lime, corn and avocado on a bed of mixed seasonal greens.


Pad Thai  $12
Zucchini noodles with shredded red cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts & asian herbs servied with a macadmia nut, ginger, tamarind & lime sauce and crushed macadamia nuts.



Selection of raw vegan cakes from The Magic Tree and Raw Gems           $7