Tropical Organic Foods

Fruibies is more than a juice bar or cafe, it’s a creation born from a vision to help bridge the gap between the commercial and natural world. Without this bridge a harmonious relationship with nature and the beautiful planet we live on is deeply threatened. We believe harmony is essential in order to align our hearts and minds so that we may live in peace and abundance here on Earth. All of Life is shared and therefore all Life is sacred. Eating of only fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds eliminates the need to kill and enslave animals and provides us with countless opportunities to extendlife and create new life and nourish all creatures. The message of fruit and it’s key role in nature is central to Fruibies and it’s mission to bring this abundance into the hearts, minds and bellies of all who come in contact with us.


Whether we realize it or not, ultimately we are all connected. We all breath the same air and share this precious planet with all of its creatures. Each of us, in our own unique way are faced with choices on a continuous basis. We each have the power to act in ways that can harm and destroy or to love and nurture. Not only are our own decision and actions able to positively impact on our own lives but the lives of all of those around us.  After all, when you think about it, we’re all one giant family, even if we haven’t met everyone yet. This universal connection is what inspired us to create Fruibies.  We wanted to share something that we believe will improve the lives of our customers, our employees, our farmers, our communities, the animals, the environment and ultimately the entire world that we all share.


We believe that one of the most powerful decisions that any of us can make is to significantly reduce or completely eliminate all animal products and chemicals in our diet.  Most of us already know about the effects of meat and dairy production on our planet:  It’s the single largest contributor to green house gasses and is enormously wasteful and destructive to our precious water resources. The consumption of meat and dairy is also now understood to be a key contributor to a rising number of health problems including cancer and heart disease. Agricultural chemicals, and genetically modified foods are also significantly harming us.


We feel that there’s a better way, and we’d like to offer you some new choices: juices, smoothies, wraps, sushi, salads, ice creams and other tasty treats made entirely without the use of animal products, GMO’s, salt, oil, sugar or gluten or any artificial ingredients and served to you in 100% biodegradable materials. All of our dishes are made with either pure fruit or fruit, vegetables and nuts and seeds.


We’re all moving pretty quickly these days but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some nourishing fast food that feeds your soul and makes your mouth happy. After all, you deserve it, don’t you?

We warmly invite you to come on by and enjoy a delicious juice, smoothie, meal or snack that’s kind to our animal friends, easy on the planet and good for the body you live in.


The Fruibies Family



Fruibies Tropical Fruit Juice & Smoothie Bar

Inside the Kuranda Village Centre at the corner of Coondoo & Therwine Street,

Fruibies Cafe

16 Therwine Street, Kuranda

Kuranda, QLD 4881

Both locations are right next to each other 🙂