Local – Organic – Vegan


Fresh Drinking Coconuts

Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Organic Tropical Smoothies

Pure Fruit Ice Cream

Fresh fruit salad and Nice Cream inside a coconut

Come to Fruibies vegan cafe in Kuranda. Located inside the Kuranda Village Centre, across the road from the Tourist Information Centre we are famous for our pure fruit smoothies, juices, coconuts, sugarcane juice, nicecream, salads and wraps. Our entire menu is vegan, mostly raw, organic, local and gluten free.

Fruibies is more than a juice bar or cafe, it’s a creation born from a vision to help bridge the gap between the commercial and natural world. Without this bridge a harmonious relationship with nature and the beautiful planet we live on is deeply threatened. We believe harmony is essential in order to align our hearts and minds so that we may live in peace and abundance here on Earth. All of Life is shared and therefore all of Life is sacred. By eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds we eliminate the need to kill and enslave animals and enormously reduce the impact on our natural environment that provides us with countless opportunities to extend and create new life and nourish all creatures. The importance of fresh fruit and it’s key role in nature is central to Fruibies and its mission to bring the message of the abundance of fruit into the hearts, minds and bellies of all who come in contact with us.